The Wrecking Ball star has signed up to join the country singer as a new coach on the next season of the U.S. TV talent competition. And Blake, an outspoken hunter, has no doubts he will get along just fine with Miley, an animal rights activist, when they appear together on The Voice.

"I can't imagine us ever having a problem," Blake tells Entertainment Tonight. "We completely understand each other, and just because she lives her life one way and I live my life one way doesn't mean we're not friends. Because, God, if that was the case, I wouldn't have - especially in this town, Los Angeles - everyone would hate me."

And Blake, who worked with Miley earlier this year (16) when she served as a guest mentor on The Voice, commends the 23-year-old for being able to maintain her level of success after growing up in the spotlight as a child star.

"To go from Hannah Montana to the Miley Cyrus that we know now, it's the craziest evolution maybe ever," Blake says. "But I don't know that anybody can say she's made a wrong move. She's one of the biggest stars in the world and the numbers kinda speak for themselves. You can't do anything when you look at her career and the success she's had other than just go, 'Respect.'"

But Blake does have a plan of action if he decides Miley gets too unruly during the show - using her father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, as his go-to man.

"I've known her dad for years, and so it's like, 'I'm gonna call your dad! I will tell your dad what an a**hole you're being right now, so you better settle down, missy!'" he jokes.

Blake and returning judge Adam Levine will be joined by Miley and fellow newcomer Alicia Keys on season 11 of the talent show later this year (16).