The country star, who had previously exchanged barbs with the church in 2013, traded insults with members of the Christian congregation in Kansas when they shared an old video in which they denounced him for being married twice and dating divorcee Gwen Stefani on Sunday (07Aug16).

Blake quickly fired off a response, tweeting, "Hey @WBCSaysRepent, I see y'all are back at it!! Did y'all ever expand your gene pool or are you still nailing your immediate family members?" He then shared an image of their late leader Fred Phelps and added, "Never mind @WBCSaysRepent.. I think I just answered my own question..."

The church replied, "@blakeshelton We're still pleading with you to put away your sexual perversion (proud adultery) & seek God's mercy!" and Blake hit back by sharing an apparently doctored picture, which has been partially blurred, showing Phelps involved in a sexual act and added, "I know @WBCSaysRepent... But the perversion side of me sooooo damn funny though. Don't you think?!!"

The singer first encountered the group in 2013 when they vowed to picket his concert in Kansas City, Kansas because he had been married twice. They called Blake a sinner and "vulgar adulterer" and dubbed him and wife Miranda Lambert "fake Christians".

Blake has never been afraid to take on his haters and responded by jokingly telling them to "b**w me" and sarcastically pretending to be scared about the picket at his concert, which the group regularly hold to protest against homosexuals, their supporters and those have been divorced, among others.

Blake was married to Kaynette Gern for three years until 2006 and then tied the knot with fellow country star Miranda in 2011. They divorced in July, 2015 and he began dating his The Voice U.S. co-star Gwen, who had split from husband Gavin Rossdale, in November, 2015.