The country singer has scored a big victory in his defamation lawsuit after a judge rejected publication bosses' bid to have the case thrown out.

Blake filed suit over an article published in the weekly magazine last year (15), which suggested he was battling an alcohol problem and headed for rehab.

Reporters based the piece on a Mexican vacation the singer took with his manager and two friends, but Shelton maintains the two pals were a married couple and the suggestion he was having a wild time on holiday following the break up of his marriage to Miranda Lambert were way overblown.

In Touch bosses stood their ground against the defamation lawsuit, insisting they never suggested Blake was actually in rehab, but the judge found no justification not to send the case to trial and allow a jury to decide if the plaintiff had been defamed.

According to, the judge stated the magazine's editors knew Blake had not been to a treatment centre when they published the article, which featured the headline, "Rehab for Blake".