Blake Shelton was left red-faced on his wedding day when he was caught on camera urinating outside the venue just moments before his bride Miranda Lambert walked down the aisle.
The country singers exchanged vows at the Don Strange Ranch in Texas in May (11) in front of 550 family members and friends, including fellow stars Reba MCEntire, Martina MCBride, Dierks Bentley, and the Bellamy Brothers.
Shelton has now revealed he was so nervous before the ceremony he had to take a bathroom break, but ended up peeing outside in front of a news helicopter.
He told reporters at the Cma Music Festival, "They had gotten everybody into the chapel and they were seated and there was a little bit of music playing before I was supposed to step in and the wedding was going to start. I was standing out there talking to the pastor, and I had to pee.
"So I, as I was talking to him, I just walked over to the building, and we were talking and I was peeing, and a helicopter flew by really low. I remember saying, 'You don't think that's... no..." And sure enough a Texas ranger came around and said, 'Hey man, there's a problem,' so I just knew the world would know just how nervous I was that day. I didn't know what kind of picture they may have gotten of me!"