Blake Lively wants "lots of babies".

The actress - who has been dating her 'Gossip Girl' co-star and childhood classmate Penn Badgely since 2007 - imagines herself with several children and also thinks one day she will switch careers and open her own restaurant.

She said: "I want babies. Lots of babies. Of course! I also want to have a brunch place, a bakery, and a Southern restaurant because my family's from Georgia and then I want a place that is all over the world cuisine."

The 23-year-old star loves cooking so much she takes culinary classes in the different countries she visits when promoting her projects.

She explained: "I find it's the best way to get to know a culture. It's what brings people to the family every day, what they break bread over - it's a very intimate thing."

However, while the blonde beauty is happy to discuss her future plans, she admits she "treasures" her anonymity.

She added in an interview with Allure magazine: "My anonymity is something I treasure. Wanting to be an actor and wanting to be famous are different."