Blake Lively admits her dog is like her child.

The 'Gossip Girl' star - who is married to Ryan Reynolds - wishes she has kids of her own and in the mean time devotes herself to her beloved pooch Penny and her nephews and nieces.

She said: ''My dog is half surrogate child and half the boss. Penny is so sassy and she's packing so much personality. She has the power to very quickly make my world revolve around her. But my nieces and nephews are also surrogate children. I'm just upset that they aren't my own.''

Blake, 25, also revealed how she plays the protective auntie when she's out with children as she wants them to have a normal life as possible.

She said: ''I want the kids in my family to experience normality so, when I'm out and about with them, I try to protect them from the attention I get. If someone comes up to me and asks for a picture, I'll tell the children that I make really great cupcakes and that's why they've heard about me.''