Blake Lively bought 40 pairs of shoes at a Christian Louboutin sample sale.

The 'Gossip Girl' actress is a huge fan of the legendary footwear designer and took advantage of the discount prices when she was invited to an exclusive event in New York last week.

She said: "I have sisters, so I'm getting gifts for them and for friends. Of course, I got quite a few for myself, too."

As well as picking up 40 pairs of designer footwear, Blake recently had a Christian Louboutin shoe named after her and it admitted it was one of her greatest achievements.

She said: "That was insane, it's like my greatest accomplishment."

The blonde beauty also confessed she will keep the footwear in an unusual place.

She joked: "I want to sleep with it under my pillow every night."

Blake, 23, has become huge in The Fashion world and has even forged a close Friendship with US Vogue editor Anna Wintour, sitting with her in The Front row at many catwalk shows.

Speaking about Anna, Blake said: "Anna revealed, 'What design houses do you love?' and I was like, 'I love CHANEL and Dior' and she was like, 'Ok, we're going for dinner with Karl and John.' That was insane."