Blake Lively is "sick" of herself.

The gorgeous 'Gossip Girl' star - who is reportedly dating Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo Dicaprio - has revealed she has no intention of joining micro-blogging site twitter because she is tired of hearing about herself.

She explained to US Glamour magazine:"People ask me why I don't tweet. Honestly, I'm so sick of myself."

Although she appears to have moved on from her last relationship - with co-star Penn Badgley - Blake doesn't find it awkward seeing her ex on set because the pair learned so much from each other.

She explained: "Every relationship you have, you're learning and growing and taking something from that. So for me, it's never been too dramatic of a thing when something ends.

"I have a strong sense of myself. That gives me a sense of security, you know? If I define myself by things that are always changing, like the public's opinion, or what I'm wearing, or what job I'm doing, there's no stability in that."

Despite recently fronting a fashion campaign for CHANEL's Mademoiselle handbag range, Blake admitted she hates being the focus of attention from people.

She explained: ""I don't feel like I have to do so much with hair and makeup, because I'm the mannequin for these beautiful clothes, so I never want to do anything too distracting. Most of the time, I put my hair in a ballerina bun, and I take it down and it's wavy, and then I leave. I feel shy when people are fussing on me.