Blake Lively stars in the new movie Savages and, dressed in a figure-hugging designer dress, she shone at the red carpet premiere, too. The 24 year-old was recently announced as the face of Gucci's latest feminine fragrance and last night (June 25, 2012) she was oozing the very glamour that led Gucci to pick her from a cast of thousands to front their ad campaign. The New York Daily News has published shots of the actress in her black and cream Zuhair Murad floor length strapless gown.
Also turning heads on the red carpet was Salma Hayek, who wore a green, floor length beaded gown to the premiere, with matching earrings. And it wasn't just celebrities' sartorial choices that had the paparazzi's bulbs flashing, either. John Travolta and Kelly Preston attracted a fair share of attention to themselves by putting on a very public display of affection and kissing in front of the cameras. Obviously, such activity would not normally be noteworthy behavior between a married couple but when one member of that couple has recently been slapped with several court cases alleging sexual abuse and the tabloid headlines are rife with rumors regarding their sexuality, then tongues will start to wag.
Savages is due for release on Friday (June 28, 2012). Starring Blake Lively, alongside Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch, it tells the tale of two pot growers with a 'shared girlfriend' who gets kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel.