Blake Lively's lifestyle website Preserve was inspired by her mother's imagination.

The 'Gossip Girl' star - who launched the lifestyle blog and brand in July this year - has revealed the company's unusual name is a nod to her mother, Elaine, as she ''saw beauty in what was broken and she'd preserve it.''

The blonde beauty added her mother's creativity fuelled her passion for making art in the ''home environment'' and encouraged her to set up the business which has now become her ''baby''.

She told ''I always appreciated the magnitude of my mother's imagination. She always saw beauty in what was broken and she'd preserve it. So because of her I always had passion for creating art out of a meal or a home environment.

''Fashion was a big part of her life; she would make our clothing and create something out of nothing.

''I knew that was a world I wanted to be in but I couldn't find a job description that would fit. I thought about party planning, interior design or fashion but it was all too specific -- it all sounded too limiting.

''I knew that as soon as Gossip Girl was over I wanted to start this company. This is my company. It's my baby.''

The 26-year-old actress - who is married to hunky actor Ryan Reynolds - launched the long-anticipated brand earlier this summer and has since admitted running the site is harder work than she first expected.

She explained: ''Oh boy, it's more demanding than I expected! But I'm part of every aspect. I'm the creative director but I'm the CEO all the way down to production assistant.

''During shoots I'm fetching water for models; I'm styling shoots, helping photographers and coming up with concepts. I'm handling press and looking through budgets and fundraising. I'm learning to upload new products and add new content.''