Blake Lively hopes her youngest daughter will become a chef.

The 30-year-old actress and husband Ryan Reynolds always ask their 12-month-old Innes what her ''signature special'' dish is because she loves food so much, and the 'Shallows' star thinks this could mean the youngster is showing early signs she wants to forge a cooking career one day.

Blake - who also has two-year-old James with the Hollywood actor - said: ''My little one, oh she's just so divine. She came out of the womb a little foodie. She'll eat whatever.

''We're always like, 'What's your signature special,' because she's always reaching for anything.

''I'm like a parent of an Olympian except I want a chef baby.''

While Innes is concentrating on her love of food, Blake admitted James is more like a baby than her younger sister.

Speaking on 'Live With Kelly and Ryan', she added: ''What's crazy is my two-and-a-half-year-old, she wakes up at night and she's the baby, basically.

''I think you're more relaxed as a parent [the second time], and the first one is very dominating anyways so I think the second baby just has to be easier.''

Blake recently admitted Innes is a huge fan of steak - more so than calorific treats.

She said: ''I made a Cookie Monster cake ... she just looked at it and then like reached for a steak.

''Then she grabs the other one and she's like ham-fisting two steaks. I've given birth to a baby viking.''