Blake Lively, the American actress regarded by many as a fashion icon, has revealed she doesn't employ a stylist. Lively admits she doesn't feel the need to pay somebody for their sartorial recommendations and puts together her own outfits, reports Access Hollywood.
Speaking at the premiere of her new super-hero movie 'Green Lantern', Lively revealed, "I don't have a stylist. I love it too much! You know, getting to play dress up every day - it's amazing!" The actress, who donned a sleek white dress to the premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, added, "I love fashion. I love design and it's always a new challenge". Lively stars alongside Ryan Reynolds in the highly anticipated new movie about a brotherhood of warriors who are gifted with superpowers. Despite the astonishing hype surrounding the film, critics were less than impressed after yesterday's preview showings. Rex Reed of the New York Observer labelled the film, "a dumb, pointless, ugly, moronic and incomprehensible jumble of botched effects", while the Associated Press' Christy Lemire criticised the movie's lack of danger, highlighting the "goofy aliens" and "hammy supporting actors". The film officially opens in theatres tomorrow (17th June 2011).
Blake Lively hit the headlines last month after she was spotted holding hands with the Hollywood actor Leonardo Dicaprio in Monte Carlo. The couple are rumoured to be in a relationship but neither individual has commented on the romance.