The Town star was invited to a small dinner with the U.S. politician and was excited about meeting him, but their conversation did not go well.

She explains, "It was all these world leaders... I met Obama and I had my whole speech planned and he was introducing himself to everyone and they were talking about how they were going to change the world and he came to me and I (just froze).

"The only thing I could think of is he left my husband a voicemail when he was running for president and so I said, 'You left my husband a voicemail', and he was like, 'Cool'. (Then I said), 'He deleted it', and it was just like, 'Why did I say that?' Then it just got worse like, 'He deleted it because you were just a senator then', and then I was like, 'That was bad', so I said, 'Well, he didn't know you would be president then', and I was like, 'Can you leave my husband a voicemail?'

"It just kept getting worse, and they confiscate your phones, and he was like, 'Well give me your phone', and I'm like, 'I can't, you took it', and he's like, 'Well, ask for it back', and I'm like, 'You're the President, you ask for it back'.

"So he starts shouting across the table, 'Someone get Blake's phone...' He ended up leaving my husband an incredibly funny and ball-busting voicemail..."