Blake Lively pretends to be Marilyn Monroe on the red carpet.

The 'Gossip Girl' star gets self-conscious at showbiz events and tries to channel the confidence of the Hollywood sex siren to survive the ordeal.

She said: ''I have insecurities like any girl. I used to be really shy and unconfident. I hated being tall. Walking the red carpet is scary, so I pretend to be Marilyn Monroe - someone who owned their sexuality and projected this incredible aura of self-confidence.''

Down-to-earth Blake, 24, prefers staying at home to attending parties and says she feels sexiest when she is cooking.

She said: ''I really like to cook. Cooking makes me feel sexy. I think there's something so sensual about it - the smells, the touches, the flavours, the experience of creating something. And, you know, when you're doing it with someone you love, creating that together. I think it's really attractive.

''I do a little of everything but Italian food is my favurite. And chocolate! Whenever I travel I go to cooking schools. I eat too much that's the problem.''