The actress' roles in Gossip Girl, The Shallows, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants have made her a household name, and her Hollywood marriage to Ryan Reynolds has turned her into a tabloid regular, and the fame has brought constant attention about her personal life - and Blake admits she struggles to understand why her most mundane moments make headlines.

“What I miss about old Hollywood, is that back then you got to watch movie stars and imagine they were that person.” she told The Guardian newspaper. "Now, we’re inundated with stories about people picking up their dog’s poop, or stories that aren’t even true. I mean, how many times has Jennifer Aniston been pregnant? Dear God!"

The Friends actress hit the headlines earlier this summer after she was spotted on vacation sporting what appeared to be a baby bump. Jennifer's representative later confirmed she had simply eaten a big lunch just before the shot was taken.

Blake, 29, has a busy schedule at the moment - not only is she expecting her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds, but she also has two films in cinemas, The Shallows and Cafe Society, which is directed by Woody Allen and takes place in 1930s Hollywood, which was a dream role for the blonde star.

“The magic comes together in post-production,” she said of making a movie come to life, "but when you’re on a Woody Allen set, you look around and think, ‘We’re making a Woody Allen movie!’ He creates the environment around you."