Blake Lively has been granted a restraining order against an over-zealous fan who claimed he had a "metaphysical" connection to the Gossip Girl star. A judge saw fit to extend an already existing restraining order, which now ensures that Sergel Mifle must stay away from Blake and her mother for the next three years, reports E! Online.
The actress was not in court for the hearing today (March 2, 2012), though she filed a request last month when Mifle turned up on the set of Gossip Girl and informed security that he had a metaphysical and "spiritual" connection to the actress and that he had arrived to "guide her". Lively claims Mifle remained on set all day and followed her "with his eyes". Since that day on set, he has made "multiple attempts" to contact both Lively and her mother, with the actress claiming his behavior has caused them both "significant distress and anxiety".