Blake Lively felt ''sexier'' wearing high heels when she was pregnant.

The former 'Gossip Girl' star - who welcomed her and husband Ryan Reynolds' first child, believed to be a girl named Violet, into the world last month - refused to wear sensible footwear while carrying her baby because she always felt better in towering Christian Louboutin shoes.

She said: ''What can I say? I feel good when I'm wearing heels. I feel sexier, attractive.

''When I put on Louboutins while super pregnant, it makes me feel more empowered in that moment, it gives me that extra oomph.''

The 27-year-old beauty admitted that buying the designer shoes - which are known for their trademark red soles - made her feel better about her changing shape.

She told People magazine: Trust me, when you see that scale starting to go up up up -- and not the little number slide on top but the big number slide on the bottom -- you go shopping and buy yourself some red-soled shoes.''

The 'Green Lantern' actress felt it was important to her sense of self not to wear maternity clothes during her pregnancy and preferred to stick with her normal outfits.

She said: ''Other than maternity jeans, I didn't buy anything maternity. Everything is my clothing, it's something I can and will wear when I'm not pregnant.

''It's important to still feel like yourself, because so much of your life is changing.

''I would've felt foreign in my own body if I'd started dressing differently.''