Blake Lively and Penn Badgley still have a "good time" together on the 'Gossip Girl' set, despite splitting up.

The former couple - who confirmed this week their three-year relationship was over - have been praised by their co-star Jessica Szohr for putting their relationship breakdown and personal problems behind them and acting professionally at work.

She told "We have a good time at work. We're all very thankful for our jobs. To my knowledge, there hasn't been anything different."

Blake and Penn called time on their romance last month, with insiders claiming they were still "good friends".

Jessica admits she is close to both her "wonderful" co-stars, and only wants the best for them both.

She added: "They're both wonderful people, and I just want the both of them to be happy."

Although the pair have refused to comment on the details behind their separation, insiders believe it was because Penn wasn't ready to settle down, while Blake was keen to wed and start a family.

A source recently said: "Blake comes from a traditional Southern Baptist background, and she's always had her eye on getting married and having lots of children.

"The pressure on him to settle down at such a young age finally reached the point where he realised he and Blake couldn't get on the same page, timing-wise, about starting a family."