Blake Lively has ''always'' wanted to be a mother.

The 27-year-old actress is expecting her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds and she admits she's been dreaming of this moment since she was a youngster.

Speaking to US Magazine, she said: ''It's something that I've always wanted ever since I was a little girl. I never knew what I wanted to do for a living but I knew I wanted to have a lot of kids because I had come from a big family, so it was always important to me. So it's just the excitement of that finally being here.''

The blonde beauty insists she's not worried about motherhood in the slightest because she has had a lot of experience with babies over the years.

She said previously: ''I never raised any siblings below me, but I'm always the person who's taking everyone else's kid and putting them on my hip, so I've kinda always been a mama. So we'll see.''

Blake hasn't ditched her healthy diet since discovering she is pregnant but has stocked up on ''stretchier'' clothes to fit over her blossoming baby bump.

She explained: ''I'm gonna amp up my style by wearing things that are stretchier. Because that's all that fits!''

The 'Savages' star admitted earlier this year that she and Ryan want a ''litter of kids.''