Blake Fielder-Civil's mother ''made excuses'' for his and Amy Winehouse's drug use.

The late singer's former mum-in-law Georgette Civil has admitted she defended the 'Back To Black' hitmaker and her son, become his ''enabler''.

Speaking about first meeting Amy, she explained to The Sun newspaper: ''Amy looked glowing. She threw her arms around me and said, 'Isn't our boy handsome?' I adored her.

''But later, we all sat at dinner and Amy kept ducking under the table. Then Blake said, 'You'd better go to the bathroom', and she went upstairs. [My second husband Giles] turned to Blake and bluntly asked him, 'Are you doing drugs?', but I reacted furiously, saying, 'Of course he isn't'.

''From that moment, I became Blake's enabler - making excuses for him and Amy.''

Indeed, Georgette revealed she ''wasn't strong enough'' to accept Blake's cry for help, despite the singer - who died of accidental alcohol poisoning in July 2011 - inviting her for a meeting at a hotel.

She said: ''One day, Amy invited me to another hotel where she and Blake were staying. He sat at the table and said, 'Mum, I have a dependence and need help. There's been times I've spent £600 a day on heroin.

''I took him in my arms and said, 'You are talking nonsense'. I t was his only cry for help - but I wasn't strong enough to face the truth ... It was only later that I suddenly realised that Blake was a hopeless addict.

''But by then, I was caught up the lies and deceit myself - and it was too late to save Amy.''