The Workaholics star was promoting his new movie Dope on the Fox network in Cincinnati, Ohio, but it was clear Anderson was not in the right frame of mind to take part in the chat.

The 31 year old appeared via a video link from California and started the interview munching on a bagel as he mumbled and tried to explain the premise of the coming-of-age film, about a young hip-hop fan growing up in a rough neighbourhood in Inglewood, California.

Anderson, who hails from California, then issued an apology for his dishevelled appearance and incoherent speech, revealing he had stayed up late celebrating the Golden State Warriors' NBA championships victory on Tuesday night (16Jun15), but he let slip an expletive and was promptly kicked off the show.

He said, "Sorry, I just woke up like, five minutes ago... It's like, six o' clock over here, Jesus Christ. It's very early and I'm very tired. You know the Warriors won the f**king championship..."

Hours after the incident, Anderson took to his Twitter blog and admitted he was "#StillDrunk", adding, "I feel like I handled my hangover like a total champion!!!!!"