The three stars of low-budget horror movie THE Blair Witch Project fear the cult film has cursed their careers - they're all struggling to find work.

Heather Donahue, JOSHUE LEONARD and Michael Williams felt sure they were destined for superstardom when the $35,000 (GBP20,500) made a whopping $248 million (GBP145.9 million) globally.

But, after making roughly $1 million (GBP588,200) from the project, the trio have struggled to find acting work ever since.

Williams, 30, now moves furniture for a living and his co-stars are struggling actors.

Eduardo Sanchez, who was among the UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA wannabes who produced and directed the 1999 indie film, says, "A lot of people were saying, 'Do you guys even know how to write a script? Do you know how to shoot a film?'"

02/02/2004 01:55