Sci-fi classic Blade Runner is heading back to the big screen in a major new movie deal which will see the film expanded into a franchise.
Harrison Ford starred as a detective forced out of retirement to hunt down clones in Sir Ridley Scott's futuristic 1982 tale and Hollywood bosses are now making plans to reboot the Oscar-nominated movie almost 30 years after its release.
Executives at Alcon Entertainment, the production company behind Sandra Bullock's The Blind Side, are in final negotiations to buy up prequel and sequel rights to the landmark film from original producer Bud Yorkin, with plans to create a new Blade Runner franchise.
Alcon Entertainment co-founders Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove say in a statement obtained by, "We are honoured and excited to be in business with Bud Yorkin. This is a major acquisition for our company, and a personal favourite film for both of us. We recognise the responsibility we have to do justice to the memory of the original with any prequel or sequel we produce. We have long-term goals for the franchise..."
Yorkin will reportedly serve as producer on the new movies.