Review of Barefoot Dancing Single by Blackbud

Barefoot Dancing
Single Review

Blackbud Barefoot Dancing Single

Barely old enough to stand as candidates in elections, Blackbud seem to have been around the underground scene making waves for some time. With a Glastonbury appearance under their belt, they now have the clout of Independiente behind them. 'Barefoot Dancing' sets a zipping, bass line bounded accompaniment to lift up the Tom Bellamy and splattering of Ben Otwell vocal range of Joe Taylor, providing for a wistful contrast to the chugging blues edge given off. The B-sides of 'So It Seems' and 'Spiders', shudder vibes of Jeff Buckley and Damien Rice, as the guys slow down and muse upon life with humbling clarity. Blackbud display a maturity and musical restraint that is stirringly refreshing.


David Adair

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