Black Sheep member DRES has no hard feelings against bosses at his former label Universal after they allowed a car manufacturer to use one of the band's hits in a commercial without their knowledge.
New York duo Andres 'Dres' Titus and his pal William 'Mista Lawnge' MCLean found fame in the early 1990s and their single The Choice Is Yours became a big hit.
The pair was surprised to hear their own song featured in a new TV advertisement for Kia, because Universal executives had not notified them of the Korean automaker's desire to use their track.
Dres tells, "I wasn't even contacted. I have yet to receive payment on it but... I will... But Universal, the record label, was basically the ones that signed off on it."
But the rapper insists he isn't bitter about the snub.
He says, "God moves in mysterious ways and I see it as a blessing at the end of the day."