Former Black Sabbath frontman Tony Martin is giving up touring because he struggles to make money on the road.
The rocker sang with the legendary band from 1987 to 1991 and again from 1993 to 1997, and later worked on projects such as the Tony Martin Band, M3 and The Alliance, before launching a solo career.
But Martin admits he is struggling to survive in the music industry and actually loses money when he schedules gigs.
He tells Swedish web magazine, "It's just too hard. Every time we go out on the road, we lose money. They expect us to play for free or for less and less each time and we can't run an operation like that. It's just not possible.
"That's disappointing, 'cause I want to be out on the road! It's a natural place for a musician to be. Playing gigs is part of the fun. But you can't do it for nothing, and if you have to sell your house or your car or have to get a day job as an electrician or something to pay to go and play, then that's no fun and it's also damaging to your family and your life...
"It's really hard to make your living out of music now. Even from my position, having been in Black Sabbath, which is a good place to start from, you would think. It's getting harder and harder to survive. It's not really comfortable at all."