The members of Black Sabbath once turned down the chance to become the first group to have its hits featured exclusively in a stage musical - because they thought the idea was too weird.
Years before Queen's We Will Rock You and Mamma Mia! hit the stage, rocker Tony Iommi and his bandmates were approached about a project featuring their heavy tunes - but they couldn't see the idea becoming a hit.
Now Iommi tells VH1's Classic Rock Nights, "We were approached to do a Black Sabbath musical, like We Will Rock You, many years ago. The chap who'd done Tho Who's Tommy, the producer, he wanted to do something with us many years ago. We never did, because we thought, 'Oh, that's a weird idea.' Of course now, he was way ahead of his time."
And Iommi fears it's too late for Black Sabbath to consider revisiting the project: "We might be jumping on the bandwagon then at that point."