Black Sabbath guitar great Tony Iommi is to undergo hand surgery.
The British rocker is currently on tour with supergroup Heaven & Hell and admits he'll be checking in for the operation upon his return to the U.K.
He tells magazine The Aquarian Weekly, "I've got to have an operation on my hand, and that's sort of a major thing I need to get done and I've been putting it off now. So we're going to have some time off while I get that done.
"The cartilage is gone from the thumb in my fingering hand. It's been like that now, to be honest, for a year and I've been taking anti-inflammatories and all sorts of stuff to try and calm it down, but it's inevitable I've got to have the operation because the bone is rubbing on the bone."
Nervous Iommi plans to sit down with fellow rocker Eddie Van Halen before the operation: "He's had the same sort of problem, so I'm seeing him to have a chat about what happened to him. He thinks it's very successful."