Rocker TONY IOMMI has blasted reports supergroup Black Sabbath will reunite again for a tour in 2008, insisting he's yet to talk to Ozzy Osbourne about the idea. Guitarist Iommi, who is currently touring the world with Black Sabbath offshoot Heaven + Hell, urges fans not to believe the hype - because a reunion tour is "not set in stone". He tells, "Everybody's been talking to me (but) there's nothing in stone at all. It's very loose, so we'll see what happens." The reports stem from a comment Osbourne's wife Sharon made at the beginning of 2007, when she said, "We're definitely talking to the guys." Iommi insists that any reunion should include a plan to work on new studio material - the original line-up's first since the Never Say Die! album in 1978. He adds, "I've been going on for a few years now saying I think we should've done an album a long time ago... I haven't written an album with Ozzy for a long time, so we'll have to see how long that'll take, and what it involves."