British band Black Sabbath starved when playing gigs abroad in the early days of their career as they couldn't afford to eat.

The rockers struggled to book shows in their native U.K. so they travelled in order to get work - but the group had to stay overseas for weeks at a time to make the journey worthwhile.

The band landed a residency in Hamburg, Germany - but bassist Geezer Butler reveals they struggled to feed themselves during their time in the country.

He tells Mojo magazine, "It was f**cking horrible. We were literally starving. Sometimes I'd cry because I'd be so hungry. But we couldn't get any gigs in England. We got a gig in Carlisle and a few in Birmingham but nobody else would book us, so the one place that we could get a residency was the Star-Club (in Hamburg).

"You couldn't afford the petrol to go for just one gig so you had to stay there for two or three weeks. We used to push the van across Europe most of the time.'"