LATEST: Black Sabbath have axed footage of PRESIDENT George W Bush and Adolf Hitler from an Ozzfest video montage after upset band drummer Bill Ward expressed his dislike of the skit.

The metal group have also replaced another image of the American president Bush wearing a red clown nose, which featured on a big screen behind them while they performed classic heavy rock anthem WAR PIGS.

Ward posted a message on his website distancing himself from the video, stating, "This video structure does not represent my personal views towards President Bush. This video was made without my prior knowledge or consent."

Ozzfest aides insist the group didn't OK the inflammatory images, but only compiled pre-existing footage to accompany the anti-war song, which opens their set.

A spokesman says, "The image of President Bush and Hitler is taken from a CNN news feature that shows a protestor holding a sign with President Bush and Hitler. The video is part of a musical performance and the images should not be taken out of context."

Aides insist the video montage was edited because too many media outlets were taking the footage out of context, and it steered attention away from Black Sabbath's performance.

Insiders claim reports of complaints from the White House are completely untrue.

23/07/2004 19:41