Nick will pull double duty to provide lead vocals, while percussionist Walter Earl and keyboardist Aron Ward will serve as guest musicians in the band.

"In the desire to have my drumming spirit continue to live, I'm pleased to say that I've helped to create a new three-piece band called Day of Errors...," Bill writes in a message on "We play loud, hard, with overtures of gut-kicking heavy, heavy parts."

The group will be Bill's first musical project since his 2015 Accountable Beasts album with the Bill Ward Band, according to

Meanwhile, the percussionist has been embroiled in a long-running war-of-words with his former Black Sabbath bandmates after he was left out of their 2012 reunion, which produced hit album 13 and a successful world tour. Ozzy Osbourne's band has continued to travel the globe on a farewell tour this year (16) and will return to the stage in New York in August (16).