Rapper Black Rob has been arrested for allegedly breaking into a woman's room at a hotel and stealing cash and jewellery.

A security video reportedly caught the hip-hop star inspecting random doors on the 12th floor of New York's On The Ave Hotel in the early hours of Monday morning (21NOV04), according to police.

The BAD BOY rapper, real name ROBERT MOSS, is apparently seen emerging from a woman's room with a handbag.

Security guards viewed the tape once Maryland cardiologist RENU VERMANI reported $6,000 (GBP3,300) in jewellery and $300 (GBP160) cash lost.

Police say Rob had no jewellery on him at the time of the arrest hours later, but website ALLHIPHOP.COM reports that they allegedly convinced him to contact his friend and accomplice in the burglary, DAMIEN ASHMEADE, who then brought the stolen jewellery to the 20th Precinct station house.

24/11/2004 02:27