Black Rebel Motorcycle Club rocker PETER HAYES has defended his decision to walk away from a signing session at a music festival this weekend (21-22AUG04) when presented with an inflatable penis.

The furious axeman stalked off in a rage after he was given the naughty item while signing autographs at the V FESTIVAL site in Stafford, north England on Saturday (21AUG04).

And Hayes remains adamant he didn't over-react, saying he was deeply offended by the item.

He fumes, "I'm just not into bullshit really. I tend to get in bad moods when that happens. It shouldn't be taken offensively really but I don't like dealing with that stuff. It doesn't set well with me so I'll just leave.

"Hopefully people don't get too offended but if they're going to offend me… I shouldn't put myself in that situation to deal with that. I guess I should laugh at that stuff more but there's too much of that stuff going on to deal with."

23/08/2004 16:55