The Black Keys star Patrick Carney has incensed Justin Bieber's fans by changing his Twitter profile to that of the pop superstar following a week-long feud.

Bieber suggested the rocker needed "slapping" in a tweet on Tuesday (12Feb13) after Carney poked fun at the Baby singer's music in a post-Grammys comment - and the post prompted the pop star's fans to turn on Carney.

The Lonely Boy drummer spent the week retweeting the remarks of hysterical Beliebers, adding his own comic comments - and then he changed the photo on his page to one of the teen idol.

And when one fan asked, "Can we please have Patrick back?" Carney retweeted, "There is no patrick. I am justin (sic) now."

Carney took the gag one step further on Sunday (17Feb13) by posting a link to the "new world premier" of a Bieber track, which took followers to a YouTube video of Devo's Recombo Dna.

Bieber fans were far from amused and Carney's page was deluged with insults from irate Beliebers.

The rocker has since ended his Bieber joke on Twitter, reposting a photo of himself and writing, "Justin is gone now. Dna recombo unsuccessful. I will try again soon though!"