Troubled Black Hawk Down star Tom Sizemore will star in his own reality show on US cable channel VH1. The actor will attempt to repair his damaged reputation after several years of bad publicity that has been well documented in the US tabloids. Sizemore has had a long battle with drug addiction and was convicted in 2003 of assault and battery against his former girlfriend, ex-Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss. He was sentenced to 17 months in jail and four months in a drug treatment facility after repeatedly failing drug test last year (05) and was caught using a prosthetic penis sewn into his boxer shorts and filled with a clean urine sample kept warm by a heating pack to fake the results of his drug tests. Also last year (05), approximately eight hours of celebrity sex tapes were released on the internet starring Sizemore. VH1 senior vice president of series production JEFF OLDE says, "You literally watch a man come unglued and unravelled from his own point of view. He lays it all out there." The series will follow the now-sober actor as he embarks on acting jobs, including a movie for the BBC being filmed in Canada. Sizemore will narrate the show, which will also include flashbacks to his battles with drugs and sexual addiction using video footage he shot on his own.