Former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins has an unlikely best friend - Star Trek's William Shatner. The pair met when musician Ben Folds produced Shatner's album and invited Rollins to sing a duet. Rollins explains, "I thought, 'That sounds like it could be great or a total disaster.' And I love that kind of risk." Shatner and Rollins met in the recording studio and immediately struck up a friendship. Rollins adds, "After that, Shatner's assistant calls me and says, 'Bill had a really good time,' and asks if I'd like to come over for (TV show) MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL at this house. "So I've been to his house for Monday Night Football and the Super Bowl. I bring dessert and stuff. It takes you aback a little that he's such a nice guy. "When people laugh at him, he's laughing too. But when you laugh, you go to the couch; when he laughs, he goes to the bank. He's laughing to the tune of about $4 million a year."