Fans of early 1980s U.S. punk icons Black Flag have two reasons to celebrate following news of a reunion for a British festival - there's another group of former bandmates hitting the road and recording new music in 2013.

Founder Greg Ginn has reunited with Ron Reyes for one Black Flag spin-off, while former frontman Keith Morris, bassist Chuck Dokowski, drummer Bill Stevenson and the Descendents' guitarist Stephen Egerton have joined forces to tour as Flag.

Ginn and Reyes' Black Flag, also featuring drummer Gregory Moore, will perform at Britain's Hevy Fest.

There are also plans for Ginn's band to play a show in Germany in May (13) and a set at the Muddy Roots Music Festival in Tennessee on 31 August (13).

Neither band will feature the group's most famous frontman, Henry Rollins.