will.i.am rarely has one night stands.

The Black Eyed Peas star - who was romantically linked to Cheryl Cole following her split from husband Ashley Cole earlier this year - said he prefers long term relationships to short flings.

He said: "It's happened a couple of times. It's very rare, one night stands. If I have been involved I stay involved."

The singer-and-producer currently has a girlfriend but admits he is not sure if he is content because his partner is quite insecure.

Asked if it is a happy relationship, he said: "Yes and no. Insecurities. What you fear becomes true. I'm not insecure. I'm too occupied to be insecure. It's the other party. I'm happy and I'm not. It's too much drama."

will.iam - who has complained girls in high school often saw him as a friend rather than a boyfriend - admitted he used those friendships to convince girls to go out with him.

He explained: "I became friends with those girls. Eventually those friends became girlfriends. That's usually how it worked."