will.i.am says carrying the Olympic torch was a dream come true.

The Black Eyed Peas star was chosen as one of the 8,000 inspirational people to become a torchbearer as the flame makes its way across the UK ahead of the London Games this summer and he admits it was a thrill to be involved.

Speaking in Taunton, Devon, South West England, where he carried the torch today (21.05.12), will.i.am said: ''It feels like a dream. This is something you've always seen growing up so to be here today in the UK with all the hard work it took me to be able to get to this level and do that, it's just pursuing my dreams. And now I'm in the UK and running with the torch and it's great.''

After running with the torch, the 'I Gotta Feeling' hitmaker then took to his twitter account to speak of his joy at being involved.

He wrote: ''A great memory in the town of tauton today...#tweetthetorch... (sic)''

''Taking off in the hip.hop.copter...i loved tauton...great people...#tweetthetorch (sic)''

The torch arrived in Britain from Greece on Friday (18.05.12) with soccer star David Beckham being one of the people to help bring it into the country.

London 2012 starts on July 27, where the flame will be carried into the Olympic Stadium after its tour of the UK.