The 41-year-old singer signed up to be a judge on U.K. talent show The Voice following The Black Eyed Peas' announcement that they would be taking an indefinite hiatus from 2011. However, he admits in a new interview that he didn't realise the break would go on this long.

"When I chose to do it (The Voice) the first time, I thought the Peas were going to take a year break, and it's been five years!" he said on British chat show Lorraine on Wednesday (13Apr16).

Now the group are approaching their 20th anniversary, rumours have been rife of a reunion. While will refused to confirm the claims, he said that he's ready if the group do decide to give things another go.

"I'll always be a Black Eyed Pea... what I do in between time is just to flex that muscle so that when it's time to get back in groove mode we are tuned in to the times," he smiled. "Times have changed, technology has changed, and I love technology so you never know what form we could take."

will also spoke about reports he has quit his role as judge on The Voice. The show will be moving from the BBC network to ITV this year (16), and will admits he has yet to make an official decision about a return to the panel.

"It's been hard deciding because we got the news (of the ITV move) while we were in the middle of filming The Voice, so having to go to work knowing that it's going to be the last time (on BBC), that pulls on your heartstrings," he said. "So now that that's finished I have to really and truly think about it. It's not going to be a hard decision because I love it so much."

One of will's closest friends, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, is also a reality show judge on Britain's The X Factor. She announced her decision to quit the show just last week (ends08Apr16), and will said it's going to be a "hard leap" for her not to rely on the show anymore.

"I love Cheryl, I'm happy for her - she's a very strong woman and just thick-skinned," will continued. "She's overcome a lot and she's a great artist - and whatever she decides to do, should it be creative and let out whatever is inside of her, to make a decision like leaving something that's stability, and you know exactly what you're doing every year - that's a hard leap to say I'm not doing that anymore.

"And the only reason I can say I identify with that is because I have to figure out what I'm going to do, come 2017. I love Cheryl so I always root for her."