Will.i.am says Queen Elizabeth is as classy as his grandmother.

The 'Black Eyed Peas' rapper is in awe of the royal family and in particular the monarch - who is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this year - saying she reminds him of his beloved gran.

He said: ''I was like wow, that's how my grandma is! Elegant and classy and the way she wore her hat ... even her clothes are like my grandma's clothes.''

'The Voice' coach - who performed at the Diamond Jubilee Concert in June alongside British veterans Sir Cliff Richard and Sir Tom Jones - revealed he was also impressed with how down to earth Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royals are.

He added: ''She's the leader of the family, you know, and when Prince Charles called her mummy or mumsy I was like 'wow'.

''It's amazing because they're just like normal people.''

The star recently donated £500,000 to Prince Charles' charity, The Prince's Trust and jokingly asked the heir to The Throne if he had room for a lodger.

He said: ''I told Prince Charles I was looking for a flat here and said, 'This is a big old crib you've got here. It's a big old house. So could I get a little space?''