Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie has finally learned how to put herself first after years of trying to make everyone else around her happy. The 31-year-old claims her training as a child star taught her to keep her true feelings inside and she ended up feeling tortured. She tells Blender magazine, "When I was a child actor, I was people-pleasing all the time. It's called 'being professional', but I held a lot of things in." Fergie, real name STACY FERGUSON, got hooked on crystal meth and hired a hypnotherapist to help her finally get clean and deal with her pent-up emotions. She adds, "That's why it was important for me to express what I've been through on the album." The LONDON BRIDGE star began writing a journal at the suggestion of her therapist and used her 500 pages of handwritten entries to help her write songs for her debut solo album THE DUTCHESS. She adds, "It was about getting over abusing myself and wanting to know how I got there."