THE Black Eyed Peas are worried about alienating their fanbase with their upcoming album, because it tackles contemporary social and political issues. The hip-hop group are near completing the follow-up to 2005's smash hit Monkey Business disc, and they describe their new songs as "thinking" music. He says, "We have 12 songs and we'll probably do another 30 or 40 songs. "(It's) a fun record... We are not complaining. It's not, 'Oh everything is messed up! Oh my gosh, we're doomed!' "It's a thinking record. It brings up what's happening in the world. Monkey Business didn't do that. "We're afraid of losing what got us here, and that was humbleness and thunder. It's easier now than it was in 1996. But it's still that fear of losing that drive and motivation and determination now that you've accomplished something. "That's what's scary to us."