The members of the Black Eyed Peas only got together to shoot the video to their latest single MY HUMPS after US radio DJs turned it into a surprise hit.

The hip-hop collective recently decided to make a clip for the track, taken from their latest album Monkey Business, after realising how popular it had become on the airwaves without them having released it as a single.

And the Peas decided to have fun with the video by going back in time.

WILL.I.AM tells, "I wanted to recreate the biker short, drop Nissan truck, Troop jackets, the 808 bass era of hip-hop. When groups like the GUCCI CREW, Salt-N-Pepa, JJ FAD, EGYPTIAN LOVER and MC SHY D ruled the airwaves.

"Classic swap meet hip-hop. To love hip-hop is to understand every shape hip-hop has been and can be."