Black Eyed Peas beauty Fergie refuses to enlist the help of stylists, because she enjoys creating her own image.

The LET'S GET IT STARTED singer admits she often struggles to pack the right quantity of clothes before heading off on tour with the hip-hop outfit, but prefers her own personal collection to the costumes stylists encourage their clients to wear on stage.

She says, "I've had to consolidate a lot. I'm flying round the world for two months with only two cases and a carry-on."

Fergie has even learnt how to make crop tops out of tights.

She adds, "It's a trick I learned from my dancer friends. You cut the crotch out and make that the neckline and put your arms through the legs.

"They're really cheap, form-fitting and warm. I like 'em."

10/09/2004 02:27