American rappers THE Black Eyed Peas have been forced to move their London base, after discovering they were living next door to a brothel.

The SHUT UP! band found themselves disturbed by unsavoury noises emanating from the vice den, so have quickly relocated from Streatham - an area renowned for kerb-crawling in south London - to west London.

A source says, "They started off renting a house in Streatham because it's quite a vibrant area.

"There were a couple of girls working as prostitutes in the house next door.

"The band were always getting woken up by noises through the wall and men arguing in the street."

And the band are delighted with their new abode in the more exclusive Shepherds Bush.

WILL.I.AM says, "Every week we have a free event where local musicians come along, play with us and write new material.

"We have this ongoing jam session in London, the place that has supported us the most."

21/06/2004 14:57