THE Black Eyed Peas made a dream come true for an ex-convict during their trip to South Africa over the weekend (ends28MAY06) by agreeing to meet the man who claims the group's music reformed him. BRUNO MAJOLA spent six years in jail on charges of terrorising and robbing people in Soweto, but now he has put his criminal past behind him in a bid to follow his heroes to stardom. Majola met the group before they played a free concert for fans in Johannesburg yesterday (29MAY06). He says, "They inspired me. I now hope that one day I'll be able to follow them." After meeting former South African leader Nelson Mandela, the group also visited Soweto townships, where they handed out tickets to their concert. Singer FERGIE says, "It would be selfish of us to see all this and not do something about it, to see the dichotomy of the richest of the rich living next to poorest of the poor, and the poorest of the poor not being able to come and see our shows."