Black Eyed Peas find their current success "crazy".

The group recently set a chart record when their two singles, 'Boom Boom Pow' - which was number one for 12 weeks - and 'I Gotta Feeling' spent 20 consecutive weeks at the top of America's Billboard Hot 100 chart, but admit they weren't expecting to do so well.

Singer Fergie said: "This is crazy right now. It's surreal. It has the same feeling for me as when I joined the Black Eyed Peas and 'Where Is the Love?' took off, and we just started touring around the world and it was complete chaos. We're gonna have the biggest tour we've ever had, and we feel very blessed. All we can say is thank you."

Despite the success of 'I Gotta Feeling' - which is expected to make nine weeks in the top spot this weekend, the group admit they broke away from their usual music-making processes to create the track.

Fergie's bandmate Taboo explained to MTV News: "It was a different format for us, because it was the first song where we all did the verse simultaneously. When we heard it, we knew that it would be the anthem. We all came together and created a great song."