Black Eyed Peas don't think fans will listen to their album.

The group claim they don't care about the success of latest LP 'The E.N.D.' because they feel the format is now too outdated to be relevant.

Rapper - real name William J. Adams - said: "The album? Whatever. I don't listen to albums. People don't hear music like that now. When they stopped putting CD players in cars, that was when I knew it was over. The tradition of getting 15 songs and expecting people to hear them how you made them? That's not it any more."

Meanwhile, singer Fergie insists the change in musical direction on the new album was a "natural progression" for the 'Let's Get It Started' hitmakers.

She said: "I don't think we're revolting about something. I think we're evolving: there's a visual aspect of that evolution, there's a sonic aspect of that evolution, and there's just a kind of worldwide movement around the way we get our music."